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About Me

My Story

 I live in McKinney, TX with my wonderfully, supportive husband, Grant, and our three "littles", Noelle, Gabriel, and Asher. I have always had an innate passion for newborns and was a nanny throughout college specializing in newborn/infant care. My passion then blossomed into a career as a postpartum (mom/baby) RN and my current role as an IBCLC.

Through my work in the hospital, brief work at a local birth center, and encounters in my own personal life, I have witnessed the great need for more prenatal/postpartum support of mothers. I believe breastfeeding support starts with supporting the mom/baby "dyad" as a whole. A mother must feel safe, supported, and have her basic needs met in order to best care for her little one.


From 2020-2021 I worked for Beyond Pediatric Dentistry as their in office IBCLC and received continuing education addressing the full picture surrounding infant "ties" through completing the Oral Habilitation of the Breastfeeding Dyad Masterclass. During this time, I was also in close collaboration with an amazing team of bodyworkers at Ke Kino Institute of Healing, and experienced how bodywork was instrumental in my own life helping facilitate my little one's and my own healing from a traumatic delivery and ongoing feeding issues. It was during this time of collaboration, I started to realize bodywork was just as essential to a mom/baby dyad as  any other support, and the missing component to many mom/baby care teams.


Bodywork is able to bridge the gap of mom/baby being stuck in the sympathetic "fight or flight" from delivery (or life in general) and bring them in to a more relaxed state of "homeostasis" or the parasympathetic state, which is the state mom and baby most both be in to achieve the best feeding outcomes. It also helps resolve feeding issues related to physical tension in the body and promote lymphatic drainage and improved milk flow among many other benefits. Many of the significant issues "stumping" lactation consultants and infant care providers concerning growth, feeding, and development can often be improved if not resolved through bodywork!


From this discovery came a desire to dive deeper, so in November of 2021, I began studying craniosacral therapy with the Upledger Institute, and I am also now enrolled in Massage Therapy School at Ke Kino. I look forward to being able to add bodywork to my personal practice in the near future, but for the time being enjoy the collaborative care I am able to provide with my business partner Marta Vecchio LMT, MTI of "Purpose Massage". Marta was a Ke Kino graduate who then became an academy instructor, and is now a fellow of Ke Kino's "Bodywork for Babies" program sharing in my deep passion for always pursuing the path to better care for our mom/baby dyads and families.


As of July 2022 Marta and I are opening our opening our own Holistic Lactation and Bodywork Cooperative practice in Allen, TX. We now have the opportunity to work together on a daily basis and provide individualized care to each family we serve. We look forward to hosting support groups, classes, and events. We seek to above all else to provide safe space, for every mom who enters, to unwind, connect, be restored, and feel empowered to live out her own authentic motherhood different from anyone else's journey!  

My Philosophy

   I believe every mother is on her own unique journey through motherhood. In a culture and world that does not always cherish the beauty and sacredness of motherhood, I feel blessed to have the opportunity to help educate and empower women to embrace motherhood and all it has to offer. The name "Lactation + Littles" stems from my passion to provide not only breastfeeding support, education, and community, but also support families through the transition of bringing their new "little one" home and navigating through the first year of life. 

My Credentials

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

4.5 years of experience.

Postpartum (Mom/Baby) BSN, RN

9 years of experience.


5 years of experience.

Mom to 3 amazing (by God's grace alone) "littles"!

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