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Baby Resources

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Healthy Children

The American Academy of Pediatrics supported website.

Seat Check

Great website for car seat safety and information. Find local resources for help with car seat installation and safety checks.

The Nappy Shoppe

Great local baby store geared towards the more "natural" parenting style. Large selection of cloth diapers and "baby wearing" wraps and carriers in addition to many other items. Very friendly staff willing to educate and demonstrate on different styles of cloth diapering and "baby wearing". They also allow you try out wraps and carriers and wear them arond the store a while to see how you/baby like them before buying one. Website also lists a calendar of free and low cost classes and events offered throughout the week.

Children's Health Choices

Information on delayed vaccination schedules for those interested in learning more about this approach.

(Each parent must decide what is right for their child. I am not promoting either side of the vaccine debate just providing information. The website offers the current CDC recommended vaccination schedule.)

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Noelle's (and my) Favorites!

Some of our favorite books, products, and websites! (Remember to ask your pediatrician before trying any supplements or homeopathic remedies.)

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Shine Pediatrics

The pediatric practice Noelle sees after hearing great things about their more "natural" approach for patients and friends. So far we love them and have not been disappointed. They are currently located in Richardson but are also opening a Frisco office.

Parkwood Family Chiropractic

We just started going here and already love it. Dr. Ben is great and really takes time to get to know you and your child and makes you feel very comfortable in his care. Also affordable even if your insurance does not cover this type of care.

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