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Birth Centers

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Allen Birthing Center

One of the most highly rated birth centers in the area. Also, the only birth center I am aware of where they have certified nurse midwives with hospital privledges. They have also recieved a national accreditation for their level of care.

Birth and Women's Center

Located in Dallas, Birth and Women's Center is another highly rated birth center staffed with CNMs (certified nurse midwives).

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Birth Doulas

Olivia Welkener

Olivia was my doula for the birth of my daughter so I'm a little partial to her. ;) I also have several friends who used Olivia as their birth doula as well who would be more than willing to give a reference on her behalf. Olivia has numerous years of experience as a doula along with 12 children of her own. She is very knowledgeable and supportive as well as calm and nonjudgemental. She is truly a gift to each mom/dad/family she serves.

DONA- Doulas of North America

This is a link to the DONA website where you can find certified doulas near you.

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Certified Nurse Midwives (CNM)

Amy Giles CNM, MS

The owner of Allen Birthing Center, Amy Giles offers the full spectrum of midwife care from home to hospital birth depending on your preferences and individual situation. Learn more about Amy by clicking on her photo.

Jeanean Carter CNM

Jeanean was my midwife for the birth of my daughter as well as quite a few of my friends, so once again I'm a little biased. She is an excellent midwife and very skilled and experienced in hospital birth including tub birth. She works with a highly rated all-womens OBGYN practice and has privledges at several area hospitals. She is also trained to assist with c-section surgery should it become necessary, therefore she maintains involvment in your care and helps ensure as many of your birth wishes as possible are still met.

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